Operations in Shenandoah Valley Under Review

June 9, 1862 

President Lincoln continues to try to direct operations in the Shenandoah Valley.  He writes letters to both Nathaniel P. Banks and John C. Frémont.   To Banks, Lincoln wrote: “We are arranging a general plan for the valley of the Shenandoah; and, in accordance with this, you will move your main force to the Shenandoah at or opposite Front-Royal as soon as possible.”  To Frémont, Lincoln wrote: Halt at Harrisonburg, pursuing Jackson no farther; get your force well in hand, and stand on the defensive, guarding against a movement of the enemy either back towards Strasburg, or towards Franklin, and await further orders which will soon be sent you.”  Meanwhile, General George B. McClellan wrote his wife:

“I had a telegram from your friend [Irvin] McDowell last evening stating that he was ordered down here with his command & assuring me that he received the order with great satisfaction!! I have not replied to it, nor shall I — the animal probably sees that the tide is changing & that I am not entirely without friends in the world.  The Secy & Presdt are also becoming quite amiable of late — I am afraid that I am a little cross to them & that I do not quite appreciate their sincerity & good feeling.”

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