Worries Continue about Battle of Seven Pines

June 2, 1862

The Battle of Seven Pines is over.  The Confederates have retreated to their defensive positions protecting Richmond – which Union forces had been driving to capture.  Confederate General Robert E. Lee replaces commanding General Joseph Johnston, who was wounded in the battle.  General George B. McClellan writes his soldiers regarding the Battle of Seven Pines near Richmond: “I have fulfilled at least a part of my promise to you: you are now face to face with the rebels, who are at bay in front of their Capital.  The final and decisive battle is at hand.  Unless you belie your past history, the result cannot be for a moment doubtful….The enemy has staked his all on the issue of the coming battle.  Let us meet and crush him here in the very centre of the rebellion.” Actually, McClellan’s leadership had been sadly lacking and the battle had largely been without his direction.   To his wife, McClellan writes: “I am tired of the sickening sight of the battlefield, with its mangled corpses & poor suffering wounded! Victory has no charms for me when purchased at such cost.”

Meanwhile, President Lincoln concerned himself with some nominations.  He wrote Attorney General Edward Bates, for example: “Judge Pettis having resigned, as appears by his letter herewith inclosed please send me a nomination for Allen A. Bradford as his successor.”  He also concerned himself with ordnance improvements, writing the Army’s head of ordnance:  “Will Gen. Ripley please consider whether this Musket-shell, would be a valuable missile in battle?”

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